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How to Prevent Sciatica Pain

It’s easy to understand how lifting a heavy object at work could injure your back, pinch a nerve, and cause sciatica. But, surprisingly, research has shown that too much sitting may be the worst thing you could do for your back. When you spend hours per day sitting down, the muscles that support your low back can start to deteriorate or atrophy. Without strong, stabilizing muscles to support your discs and nerves, it’s no surprise that you are more likely to injure your back, even when lifting lightweight items around the house.

Fortunately, preventing sciatica may be easier than you think. New research indicates that consistent exercise can stop or even reverse the effects of too much sitting. Thirty minutes of exercise each day can help strengthen the supporting muscles around your spinal column and help prevent future episodes of sciatica. Getting periodic spinal adjustment may also be a great idea. The top research journal SPINE found that maintained chiropractic care can evaluate, detect, and potentially prevent future disc problems and low back pain episodes.

Chiropractors can help evaluate, detect, treat, and prevent future episodes of low back pain.

Exercise daily to help strengthen the core muscles that support your spinal column.

Stretch before and after activity to improve your flexibility and reduce your chances of injury.


Next Steps:

Take action by setting a daily schedule of exercise. If time is tight, just take a few minutes every hour at work to walk around the office. Remember, starting small is better than not starting at all. And, as days become weeks, months, and years, the exercise you do now will pay huge dividends down the road to keep you happy, healthy, and pain-free. If you have struggled with recurrent or chronic low back pain, be sure to have your next appointment scheduled in our practice to stay proactive with your health.