Chiropractor in Mount Pleasant, SC

Dr. Briesacher is a 1998 Graduate of Northwestern Health Science University in Bloomington MN with a
Doctorate of Chiropractic. he also has a Bachelor of Science degree in human Biology from Northwestern Health Science University.

Dr. Briesacher has practiced chiropractic for over 24 years treating everything from auto injuries,
sports injuries, headaches, neck and back pain, radiating pain down the arms and legs and aches and
pains etc. He was introduced to chiropractic due to a sporting Injury and appreciated how it helped him, so
He decided to pursue it as a profession.

Dr. Briesacher has studied many different adjusting and therapeutic treatment techniques such as: Diversified, Activator, Flexion/Distraction, Graston, Myofascial Release, Neromuscular Re-education, and Pro-Adjuster. These techniques help all people with a variety of health issues.

Dr Briesacher and his wife moved down here to be closer to there son who is in the Navy, and with there visits they really
liked the city and what it has to offer. He grew up in San Diego but lived in the Twin Cities for many years,
and he loves being by the ocean again.

A little bit about Dr Randy: He coached youth sports in baseball, football, and basketball. He played baseball, football, and basketball in high school. He has played, coached, and scouted baseball on all levels, including coaching college baseball where we went to the college world series 5 times. He has been a parttime scout for the past 15 years with the 2021 World
Champion Atlanta Braves.

He lives here with his wife who is an attorney. They have 3 kids, our eldest is in the Military, our daughter is
a hair stylist in Greensboro, and our youngest daughter is a schoolteacher in Denver.

He enjoys all sports, golfing, fishing, and taking our dog to the beach.