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Treatment for Headaches and Migraines

Do you suffer from intense, recurring headaches? Head pain has many different causes and sources, but it's ultimately a symptom of a bigger problem in your head, neck or elsewhere in your body.

At Mount Pleasant Neck & Back Center, we offer comprehensive chiropractic care for headaches and migraines Dr. Randy Briesacher will focus on your entire body to find effective solutions for your headaches and the physical conditions that caused them.

Treating Common Types of Headaches

We treat many types of problems related to pain from dull throbs to excruciating pressure in your head. The following headaches are among the most common, but each category includes a wide range of contributing factors and side effects. If headaches interfere with your ability to enjoy life and function normally, you may recognize your symptoms below.

Tension Headaches – Non-localized pain caused by contracted muscles in the neck, shoulders or jaw; sources include anxiety, eye strain, insomnia and poor posture

Sinus Headaches – Pounding pain and pressure around your nose, eyes and cheekbones, caused by infected or inflamed sinus passages

Migraine Headaches – Debilitating, often recurring localized head pain that coincides with hallucinations, nausea and other symptoms

     Cluster Headaches - Localized, intense pain that occurs in patterns  behind or near  your eyes

     Cervicogenic Headaches – pain located at the base of the skull and wraps up around the head

Spinal Decompression Therapy 

Headaches are actually a form of nerve pain, and your ideal treatment method depends on the location and source of this pain. Sometimes inflammation also causes blood vessels to swell. Spinal decompression therapy allows us to release this pressure with precise, periodic force. This holistic headache treatment technique targets the nerves in your spine. We will secure you to a comfortable table with a harness, and then deliver specific amounts of pressure to your compressed spinal nerves in minute-long intervals.

Spinal Manipulations for Headache Pain

Your spinal cord and brain are connected by highly sensitive nerves, and when your spine is misaligned or you experience physical or psychological stress, the nerves in your head may react. If your headaches are caused by subluxations, misplaced vertebrae or slipped discs, Dr Randy Briesacher will manually correct them while releasing tension from your soft tissues.

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