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Natural Solutions for Neck Pain in Mount Pleasant, SC

Practically everyone experiences some form of neck pain at one point or another -- but just because it's a common occurrence, that doesn't make it "normal."

Recurring or chronic neck pain can seriously affect your quality of life, and the worst cases can prove totally debilitating. Whether your neck pain stems from a recent car accident injury in Mount Pleasant, SC or from years of incorrect posture in the workplace, you need to fix that underlying cause instead of merely covering up your pain with drugs. Fortunately, Mount Pleasant Neck and Back Center offers natural, drug-free solutions to help your aching neck.

What is Causing My Neck Pain in Mount Pleasant, SC?

The neck is a more complicated mechanism than you might think. The vertebrae that make up the cervical spinal column are connected to each other by small joints known as facet joints and separated by flexible discs that absorb shock. This assembly encases the spinal cord to protect it from harm, meaning that all the nerves in your body are served by several major nerve roots that lie in close proximity to these bones and discs. Disturbances to this delicate balance can cause severe neck pain.

One of the most infamous examples is an auto accident injury that produces whiplash. The tremendous forces generated by a collision are transferred to your body, throwing your head forward and backward rapidly. The resulting misalignment of your cervical vertebrae can allow the discs between them to bulge or herniate, which in turn puts pressure on cervical nerve roots. Torn muscles or connective tissues in the neck only make the resulting pain more intense. 

Neck pain can have subtler causes as well. Many office workers experience chronic neck pain because of incorrect desk, keyboard and/or monitor positioning. If your monitor is too low, for instance, your head may constantly droop forward without your realizing it. This causes muscles strain and can make your neck more prone to misalignment issues. Degenerative ailments such as osteoarthritis of the facet joints, progressive flattening-out of aging discs or spinal stenosis can also cause unremitting neck pain.

Neck Pain Treatment at Mount Pleasant Neck and Back Center

Our chiropractic team in Mt Pleasant, SC can get your neck back into line and prescribe natural treatment methods to help you feel better and heal faster. An initial evaluation is critical, especially if you've been in an accident (even if you don't feel any pain, because sometimes the symptoms are delayed). Gentle manual adjustments can restore normal vertebral alignment, relieving pressure on cervical nerve roots that may be causing your pain. Massage therapy can help relieve pain and inflammation from muscles, while enhancing circulation for speedier healing. Corrective exercises can help restore strength and flexibility to a weak or damaged neck. Spinal decompression may prove useful in restoring disc height and relieving facet joint inflammation. Last but not least, we can recommend lifestyle adjustments, such as ergonomic improvements at work, to help you keep chronic stress away from your neck.

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