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Treating Sports Injuries at MPNBC

We provides holistic treatment of many injuries, including sports injuries. If you have been injured while playing sports, then you want to do everything you can to get back on your feet and enjoy your favorite activity, either competitively or for fun. Let us help you heal your sports injuries, restore mobility and flexibility, and help you recover. With Dr Randy’s playing and coaching background he has seen and treated all sorts of sports related injuries.

Injuries We Treat at Mount Pleasant Neck & Back Center

Here at Mount Pleasant Neck & Back Center, we have helped hundreds of clients recover from sports injuries and go on to a full, active life.

We can treat sports injuries including the following: 

  • Baseball injuries
  • Football injuries
  • Basketball injuries
  • Golf injuries
  • Tennis elbow
  • Runners knee
  • Muscle and ligament sprain and strains

If you do not see your sport listed here, please give us a call.

Why See Our Mount Pleasant Sports Chiropractor?

After a sports injury, conventional treatment may focus on using medication to alleviate your pain temporarily, and/or advise rest and ice until the injury heals itself.

Dr Randy specializes in treating musculoskeletal pain at its root. When you see us, we can diagnose your pain, make gentle adjustments to reduce pain and inflammation, and restore proper alignment to your spine, joints, and muscles. When your injury heals, we can rehabilitate your muscles and get you back on the field using corrective stretching and strengthening techniques.