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If you're experiencing neck or back pain, spinal discomfort or other telltale signs that your body is out of alignment, getting treatment as soon as possible will bring relief and strength back to where you need it most. That's where we come in. Mount Pleasant Neck & Back Center offers effective chiropractic care for people in the Mount Pleasant, SC and surrounding areas.

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    Our Advantages

    Personalized Treatment
    We customize your plan to suit your goals.
    Convenient Location
    Our location is easy to access.
    Accepting New Patients
    We are currently accepting new patients.
    Friendly Staff
    We are here to help you heal.
    Our Goal is Your Health
    Your overall health is our main priority.
    Whether your condition was caused by a sport, accident
    or otherwise, we welcome the chance to serve you.

    Why Should You Visit?

    When you call our office  Dr. Randy Briesacher will assess your needs and give you a treatment plan tailored to you at every stage - from timing to procedures and techniques. Once you've been examined and had the chance to discuss your treatment plan with our team, you can start reaping the benefits of regular chiropractic care; these can include better flexibility, less chronic pain, a reduction in headaches, less physical stress, improved posture and more energy.

    From first-time chiropractic patients to longtime patients new to the area, we take pride in delivering a patient-focused experience, every time. You'll be an integral part of every decision made, and our caring chiropractic staff is happy to answer any questions you may have. Restoring the health of your neck and spine is our primary goal, and one we're happy to partner with you to achieve.

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