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Chiropractic Treatment for Car Accident Injuries in our Clinic


Dr Randy’s other practice before MPNBC was a Personal Injury and sport injury practice. He treated Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA), slip and falls, and other Personal injury type accidents for over 24 years. Once the distractions are gone, accident-specific injuries like Whiplash (hyper flexion/extension of the cervical spine) start to make themselves known. Strain, ache and even sharp pain can start to appear in your body, right away, a few hours later to even a few days after the accident actually occurred, its known as delayed onset. It's important to seek chiropractic treatment for MVA injuries to protect your overall health. Certain injuries to your neck and back can be found through x-rays during an emergency exam, but others - such as soft tissue damage - may require a manual, physical assessment through Dr Randy to diagnose.

Addressing Underlying Issues

The jarring impact of an auto accident can exacerbate former neck or back injuries and turn into painful conditions that actually damage your daily quality of life. Issues such as herniated discs - which can begin painlessly - may become much more serious after a collision. MVA’s expedite the degenerative process, especially when left untreated. Subluxations – are bones that are out of place that put pressure on nerves that can cause problems. During a MVA the vertebrae get pulled and pushed into positions that they aren’t accustom to, subluxations. All the muscles attached around the spine can become sprained and strained not allowing the spine to move correctly, which in turn can promote the degenerative process to speed up. While the body has a remarkable ability to heal itself, we can support and expedite that healing process through treatment.

Remember: the sooner you can treat your accident injuries, the better your outlook for recovery.