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Get Your Life Back on the Road with Post-Accident Chiropractic Care

You've just had an accident - you're looking in dismay at your car, adrenaline is flooding through you and you're answering insurance questions and, depending on the severity of the crash, letting first responders check you for injuries. Chances are you aren't immediately thinking of your spinal health, you're just trying to solve the immediate issues. Once the adrenaline wears off and your back begins to ache, however, it's time to call our chiropractic office in Mount Pleasant, SC. We can properly assess and treat any damage your back and neck may have suffered in the collision, ensuring you're not dealing with the "physical fallout" of ignoring it, years later. 

Chiropractic Treatment for Car Accident Injuries in Mount Pleasant, SC

Once the distractions are gone, accident-specific injuries like Whiplash start to make themselves known. Strain, ache and even sharp pain can start to appear in your body, even hours or days after the accident actually occurred. It's important to seek chiropractic treatment for car accident injuries in Mount Pleasant, SC to protect your overall health, as well as to support insurance claims. Certain injuries to your back and neck can be found through x-rays during an emergency exam, but others - such as muscle damage - may require a manual, physical assessment through our skilled team to diagnose. 

Addressing Underlying Issues

The jarring impact of an auto accident can turn former back injuries that you've been "dealing with" into painful conditions that actually damage your daily quality of life. Issues such as herniated discs - which can begin painlessly - may become much more serious after a collision. Subluxations - painful spots where nerve endings become wedged between compressing spinal vertebrae - can occur throughout the spine when your body is thrown forward in a seatbelt. Pre-existing stiffness and soreness in the neck can become unbearable after whiplash or airbag contact injuries. While the body has a remarkable ability to heal itself, certain serious conditions like these call for a visit to our Charleston Neck and Back Center, where we can support and expedite that healing process through treatment.

Peace of Mind for Your Spine

Worry over car accident injuries can keep you tossing and turning at night, playing over the "what ifs" of what damage your spine might have suffered. Getting answers and treatment will help your recovery from a car accident in more ways than one! Our chiropractic care team is ready to help you strengthen your body and restore your health, one appointment at a time. We'll instruct you in various stretches and exercises designed to relieve pain, and use a variety of pain-relief techniques during each appointment. 

Don't let a crash send your life "off road!" Call our Mount Pleasant, SC chiropractic office today at (843) 881-7797 to schedule your examination.

Remember: the sooner you can treat your accident injuries, the better your outlook for recovery. 


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