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Whiplash: How These Injuries Can Cause Chronic Pain

Bottom Line:
Whiplash is the term used to describe the injuries that occur as a direct result of a forceful, uncontrolled,
and rapid back and forth motion of the neck.

These injuries can occur during sports, slip and fall, or auto accidents.

Most of us have heard of this type of injury.

Most of us know whiplash pain is often associated with auto accidents.
However, what we may not know is that whiplash injuries used to be considered “no big deal.”
Needless to say, times have certainly changed.

Doctors now know that whiplash pain can mean lifelong pain and disability if the associated injuries are
not properly cared for when they occur.

Recent research also tells us that people who suffer a neck injury during a motor vehicle accident are
very likely to experience both whiplash pain and future neck pain.

Thankfully, research also indicates that chiropractic care can improve range of motion and decrease pain
associated with whiplash injuries.

And if you’re looking for a chiropractor who treats whiplash in [your city / town / neighborhood], you’ve
come to the right place!

Why it Matters:
With all the stress that comes with the accident itself, calling insurance companies, getting cars repaired,
and so on, it’s not uncommon for people to make the mistake of putting their health and well-being last on
the to-do list.

Your body wasn’t designed to deal with the forces that occur in a car accident.

Even low-speed collisions can generate enough force to injure the delicate ligaments in your neck that
support your head.

And although modern cars have an array of safety features, the damage from an accident can range from
small aches to life-changing injuries.

The forces that both the vehicle and your body have while driving along the road is known as kinetic

It’s true – your vehicle has been carefully built to displace the (kinetic) energy that occurs during an

However, no matter what type of car you have, your body will still absorb some of the impact.
It’s likely that those powerful forces will cause injuries to your body.

During a car accident, your head moves forward and backward suddenly with a tremendous amount of

If you’ve sustained a whiplash injury it means your head and neck have been forcefully extended beyond
their normal range of motion.

This can create partial tears and other damage to the muscles and ligaments around your spine and also
injure your spinal discs or nerves and your spine’s supporting muscles.

A few key indicators that you may have suffered a whiplash injury include neck pain and stiffness,
headaches, dizziness, and pain in your upper or lower extremities.

If you or someone you love has sustained a whiplash injury recently and are considering seeing a
chiropractor who treats whiplash in [your city / town / neighborhood], here’s are some quick facts to keep
in mind:
● Today, whiplash injuries are considered severe and the rapid back and forth motion that occurs
during the associated collision accident can lead to permanent injury to the ligaments of the neck.
● It’s estimated that over 80% of people involved in a car accident will sustain whiplash injuries.
● What’s more, over 50% of people with neck pain or whiplash pain after a car accident will
continue to have pain one year or more after their initial injury, especially without treatment.

Next Steps:
Remember this.
Immediately after any accident, your adrenaline is pumping, so you may not feel any whiplash pain or
overall physical discomfort because you’ll most likely be in a state of shock.

That’s why many people wake up the day after an accident experiencing the full brunt of their injuries for
the first time.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, you may be wondering how long your whiplash pain and other
symptoms are going to last.

The good news is that with a proper evaluation and early treatment, you have a high likelihood of getting
well within a matter of weeks.

Receiving the proper diagnosis and care after a car accident can also help reduce your likelihood of
struggling with whiplash pain and a lifetime of chronic neck pain.

Our practice is focused on accurately assessing, documenting, and treating those who have been
involved in a car accident to help them regain their quality of life as quickly and safely as possible.

Don’t shrug off any accidents and push your symptoms aside.
Instead, follow three easy-to-remember steps.
First, get an evaluation.
Next, begin receiving care.
Finally, stay consistent.

Getting well is a process, so If you have been in an accident and think you might have sustained a
whiplash injury – or someone you know has been involved in an auto accident recently – be sure to reach
out to our expert team as soon as possible.

When you need a chiropractor who treats whiplash in [your city / town / neighborhood], remember that our
doors are open, and we’re here to help right now!